February 2, 2014
Title : Hermione and Ron NOT a Dream Couple?

Breaking news! J.K. Rowling is questioning the viability of a Hermione Granger-Ron Weasley union. Should Harry Potter have ended up with “the girl”? By all means, Hermione and Harry have equal fire, passion and intelligence. Both are driven individuals. I, too, expected them to be a couple in the end. But what happens when two fire-crackers [...]

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January 14, 2014
Title : Courthouse Wedding

Gray waited for Julie in front of the county courthouse. He carried the wedding band in his right suit pocket and he fingered it nervously. He looked at his watch for the 100th time. She wasn’t late, but she wasn’t early either. Where was she? Two men leaned against the wall behind him. They were [...]


September 22, 2013
Title : En Route Back East

Kathy and I are in culture shock. When we arrived in Rapid City, we were slack-jawed at the modest size of the town. From there we transitioned into even more sparsely inhabited areas…areas were four-legged critters far outnumbered the two-legged ones. We grew accustomed to a silence so pervasive that even the sound of the [...]

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