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Finding Time

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

I am always asked how I “get it all done”.

I have a full-time, sit-at-the-computer writing job and a big garden, high-maintenance animals, volunteer obligations with the Maryland Master Gardener Association, promotional work for my debut novel and writing to do on the sequel…in between family and friends, cooking, shopping, cleaning, eating and sleeping. LOL!

How do I get it all done?

I don’t watch television. I haven’t for years.

I get my news from the internet and my entertainment from my day-to-day activities. That’s the best part about not watching television…you take stock of your life and you figure out what genuinely makes you happy…then, you pursue those interests. You take ownership of your happiness.

Life becomes active.

New hobbies bring new friends. New friends bring an even more active social life…and I’m not talking social media but rather real-time lunches, trips, get-togethers, lectures, learning and other activities.

It’s amazing how much time you can find when you aren’t lost in front of a screen!

Garden Emergency!

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

On Monday, I called in to work with a garden emergency. I needed the day to plant onions. The moon was in Pisces (perfect for planting root veggies) and it looked like rain.

My boss didn’t bat an eye. “Take care of those onions,” he said. “No worries.”

As I down-dressed into clean work clothes that already looked dirty and put gloves on my hands for the task at hand, I was just so grateful to be working for a French organization that valued “terroir” and all that went with it. Garden emergencies, case in point!

As I took my dibble and started poking holes into my double-dug beds, I thought…if I was working for corporate America I would have needed to lie about my personal day. No one would have understood the urgency to get a crop into the ground when the skies and heavens dictated. Or they would have just thought that I was nuts to care so much about growing things.

I planted 260 onions on Monday; 200 of which I received from phenomenal Texas-based Dixondale Farms ( All they sell are onions/leeks. And their support and planting tips are world-class. Their five-minute homepage video about which onions to plant for your zone is worth its weight in Texas Sweets!

But yeah…it’s wonderful to work for a “grounded” company where garden emergencies are real… and it’s a complete joy to get onions from a company so genuinely and professionally “grounded”.

It’s a slice of (very nice) life. In fact, in combination…it made my whole day