I’m Heading to Deadwood

Saloon #10The town of Deadwood, located within the Black Hills of South Dakota, was an illegal U.S. settlement within territory granted to the Sioux in the Treaty of Larmie in 1868. The treaty had promised the Lakota Sioux Indians ownership of the Black Hills.

Unfortunately for the Sioux, gold was discovered within the territory granted to them and Colonel George Armstrong Custer led the charge that initiated the Black Hills Gold Rush of 1874.

Karma was riding high in the saddle as Custer broke treaty; he did not even live long enough to rue the day. Although the battle was lost for Custer; the war was sadly lost for the Sioux.

This fateful turn of events gave birth to the lawless town of Deadwood, a boom town of gamblers, prostitutes and saloons.

Wild Bill Hickok was shot in the back while playing poker at Saloon #10 in Deadwood.

Calamity Jane, frontierswoman, professional scout, and occasional employee of Dora DuFran, (Deadwoods’ leading Madam), claimed that Wild Bill fathered her son, Jean.

Calamity Jane put her son up for adoption after Wild Bill’s death and went on to serve as a scout for the US Army. At the time of Wild Bill’s death, he was married to another woman.

Historical record states that there is no evidence to confirm or deny the existence of their love child.

Obviously, what happens in Deadwood, stays in Deadwood.

At least back then…

4 Responses to “I’m Heading to Deadwood”

  1. Theresa Aireyt says:

    Knock ‘em dead…so to speak….

  2. Have fun, Lisa, with your BFF Kathy. You girls are going to have a blast. I’ve been to Deadwood and you’re going to love it. Be careful riding those horses, and hope you sell a lot of books!

    • Lisa Airey says:

      Thanks! We’re very excited. Kathy bought cowboy boots and wore them to work today to break ‘em in. Our first stop in South Dakota is Wall Drug. It’s a famous pit-stop en route to Mt. Rushmore. They have tons of western wear…but she couldn’t wait! :)

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