The Middle of Nowhere

buffalo nickle
In 1931, Ted and Dorothy Husteads purchased a drugstore in Wall, South Dakota at the edge of the South Dakota badlands on Route 16A, a road that would take tourists to scenic Mount Rushmore in Custer State Park.

For five years, they struggled to raise a family and make a living in a small town in the middle of nowhere. No one stopped at Wall Drug as they headed west to view four American presidents immortalized in stone…until the couple erected billboards encouraging motorists to stop for free ice water.

That small gesture brought them an enormous amount of transient traffic. Within one year, they went from a mom and pop operation to a staff of eight.

Today, Wall Drug (still family owned), is 76,000 square feet in size and can cater to 20 THOUSAND visitors a day during the height of tourist season.

Ice water is still free and coffee runs a whopping buffalo nickel a cup. They have a café that seats over 500, an apothecary, souvenirs, pottery, candy, Native American artifacts, western apparel, and books!

Wish me luck! I hope they’ll agree to sell mine!

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