Hermione and Ron NOT a Dream Couple?

Hermione and RonBreaking news!

J.K. Rowling is questioning the viability of a Hermione Granger-Ron Weasley union. Should Harry Potter have ended up with “the girl”?

By all means, Hermione and Harry have equal fire, passion and intelligence. Both are driven individuals. I, too, expected them to be a couple in the end.

But what happens when two fire-crackers unite? Nothing good. Love can turn into a contest of wills and one-upmanship… an endless series of debates and needling conversation.

Ron was a rock… to both Harry and Hermione. He was not ego-less, but he didn’t feel compelled to be the superstar in the limelight. He was very comfortable as wing-man. Both Harry and Hermione took comfort in that and often were unappreciative of his ability to be silent, strong and ever-present. No one was more loyal than Ron.

Ron is JUST what Hermione needs… a gentle hand to bank the embers vs. a breeze to fan the flame.

Did J.K. Rowlings get the ending wrong? I don’t think so!

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  1. Another Type A says:

    Interestingly, I have heard that psychologists have done studies on this. Apparently, first born and only children rarely end up with another first born/only child. First borns tend to be like sheepdogs. They like making the decisions and keeping everyone in line. However, second children, are much more go-with-the flow. In this way, Ron’s “Type B” personality would work very well with Hermione’s “Type A” approach.

    Harry and Hermione would work better as friends (like with like), whereas Ron and Herimone are opposites (and we know they attract!)

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