"…the romantic tension in this book was enough to keep me reading all day"

-- Paranormal Book Lovers

"The author kept me guessing right until the end. And wow! What an ending it is!"

-- Eve's Fan Garden

A spectacular debut novel. It changed my mind about an entire genre. Lisa Airey will change everything you thought you knew about paranormal romance.

-- Mike Orenduff, Lefty award winner

Touching the Moon Synopsis:

A gifted healer with a genetic secret and a haunted past, Julie Hastings takes her new veterinary degree to South Dakota hoping to bury memories of a physically abusive stepfather and un-protective mother.

Although intending to lead a quiet life, she finds herself relentlessly pursued by two unwelcome suitors: the Chief of Police and a powerful member of the Sioux Indian Nation.

The man she chooses shatters her world-view.

Her stepfather taught her that not all monsters run on four legs. Now Julie must face another truth—some beasts are good.